Facelift for local orchard

T.T. are helping Nansavallon to live up to it’s name. Lesley Tonkin’s smallholding lies on the northern edge of the lovely “Valley of Apples” and includes a small overgrown orchard.

T.T. are working with Lesley to trim the overhanging trees and prune the apple trees back into productivity. The orchard also has two overgrown vegetable patches which will hopefully be planted with potatoes to break the ground. This will be followed by edible woodland plants like ramsons and raspberries.

In the future Truro will come to depend much more on the mosaic of smallholdings to the south, and Lesley’s orchard will play a small part in creating resilience in our food supply.

Volunteers are needed – contact us and you could be eating a Nansavallon apple pie next winter!

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