Welcome to Transition Truro

Helping to build a resilient Truro that’s both planet and people friendly.

Responding to the global challenges of climate change, environmental damage, economic hardship and shrinking supplies of cheap energy.

We are holding regular meetings to enable local people to find out more about these issues and contribute knowledge and ideas – engaging the community in creatively developing sustainable solutions to all aspects of our lives.

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One World Week : Climate Changes Everything

Yesterday, 20th October, saw the start of One World Week which is being marked with an exhibition in Truro Cathedral. Exhibitors include Transition Truro, Shelterbox, Living Churchyards, Plastic Free Truro, Co-Cars, Truro Cycling Campaign, Amnesty International, Truro Foodbank, and the … Continue reading

We know the time of ‘business as usual’ is over, that we must transform the present in order to create a sustainable future.

Quote: “If we are to make the changes the climate emergency demands of us, the next 10-15 years will be a time of social, cultural, economic and political transformation almost without precedent. It will be a time when our imagination … Continue reading