Energy Saving Day – latest scores!

Temple of God 1, Temple of Mammon 0.

Coming up to half time, Phil Lambert of Truro Cathedral F.C. ran round three defenders and headed in a scorching cross from Transition Truro by arranging for the Cathedral floodlights to be turned off.

Energy Saving Day is a national initiative to save energy over the 24 hours from 6 p.m. on 27th February. It is backed by a host of organisations including Greenpeace, E.D.F., the National Trust and Tesco. Energy consumption and hopefully, reduction, will be monitored by the National Grid.

Our intrepid reporter interviewed the ashen-faced coach of TescoTruro F.C. on the afternoon of 22nd February who admitted, “we know nothing of this fixture, the national side haven’t told us anything”.

Phil’s side showed up well against the pitch in their dark cassocks but TescoTruro seem to be wearing their “greenwash” strip which makes them invisible.

Second half scores will be posted!

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