About Us

Transition communities throughout the world have started up projects in areas of food, transport, energy, education, housing, waste, arts, health etc. as small-scale local responses to the global challenges of climate change, environmental damage, economic hardship and shrinking supplies of cheap energy. Together, these small-scale responses make up something much bigger, and help show the way forward for governments, business and the rest of us.

Really, it’s the opposite of us sitting in our armchairs complaining about what’s wrong, and instead, it’s about getting up and doing something constructive about it alongside our neighbours and fellow townsfolk. And people tell us that as a result of being involved in their local transition initiative, they’re happier, their community feels more robust and they have made a lot of new friends.

We are holding regular meetings to enable people to find out more about the issues and contribute knowledge and ideas.

We hope as many people as possible will join us in making our city and surrounding area a low carbon, climate friendly community. A vibrant and happy place to live and work in.