Hard-to-Recycle Materials : Truro Area Update

It’s some time since a guide to the above materials was posted on this website. An update is now available to take into account the main changes which have taken place since January 2020 see this page under Projects
This guide covers a range of items – mostly hard-to-recycle plastics – which are not able to be collected from the kerbside, or at the Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs).
So, if you are keen to recycle your flexible or soft plastic packaging; spent toothpaste tubes; used medicine blister packs, and other hard-to-recycle materials, visit the above link for more details
We hope you will find this helpful. Every effort has been made to achieve accuracy, but if you spot any obvious omissions or errors feel free to use the contact address embedded in the guide.
Upcycle Kernow
N.B. Information on recycling services currently provided by Cornwall Council can be found at https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/rubbish-recycling-and-waste/

The Transition Falmouth  “Too Good to Waste ” Guide also provides helpful links to local organisations operating in the circular economy (reuse, repair, recycling) – visit https://www.transitionfalmouth.org.uk and click on the Big Green Button. This covers the Truro, as well as the Falmouth/Penryn, areas



Hard-to-Recycle Materials : Truro Area Update — 1 Comment

  1. Our work on hard-to-recycle materials – especially plastics – has been noticed by Clutter Trucker based over the Pond in Denver, Colorado, who have sent Transition Truro a really interesting link to their excellent work on plastics and recycling

    You can read all about it here https://cluttertrucker.com/the-annual-plastic-recycling-awards/

    More on this, and other waste and recycling developments, in an upcoming article for our website