Here are some videos about climate change and regenerative farming and restorative land management techniques.

Take a look at these videos. Worth a ponder… healthy soils, healthy plants and animals, healthy food, healthy air, healthy wildlife, healthy climate, healthier and happier population, healthier planet.

1) Check this page out and the excellent brief video ‘The Soil Story‘. Restoring biodiversity, reducing emissions, and CO2 sequestration via regenerative land management and farming.

or just the video on YouTube

2) Video with Rebecca Hosking on her farm in Devon: healing the soil and increasing bio-diversity.
Farming with Nature | Living With The Land | Part 3

3) You’ll like this 30 minute video about the urgent environmental problems affecting the seas around Cornwall and beyond. Published 25 Feb 2021 by Cornwall Climate Care.
Cornwall’s Climate Stories: Under the surface

4) The Rules that Govern Life on Earth – with Sean B Carroll. His lecture at The Royal Institution on The Serengeti Rules. Really good. Lots of additional info. Nice warm hearted guy.

5) ‘Climate Change: Why Should We Care?‘ – a Science Museum Group Climate Talk including Dr Jane Goodall
In the first of the Science Museum Group’s Climate Talks, science broadcaster Dr Hannah Fry was joined by an expert panel on 28 January 2021, to explore the big question: how will climate change affect our future?
Dr Jane Goodall, DBE: Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and a UN Messenger of Peace, an ethologist and conservationist known for her ground-breaking research into the lives of wild chimpanzee in Gombe, Tanzania, now in its 60th year.
Kira Peter-Hansen MEP: Climate advocate and the youngest ever Member of European Parliament.
Dr Tamsin Edwards: Climate scientist at King’s College London and a lead author of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report.
Wanjuhi Njoroge: Climate activist, forest restoration advocate, entrepreneur and founder of People, Planet Africa.
Dr Hannah Fry (Chair): Associate Professor in the Mathematics of Cities at UCL, broadcaster, and science writer.

6) I guess you’ve heard of cameraman and ecologist John D. Liu. Here’s one of his thoughtful and uplifting videos. Quote: For more than 15 years, cameraman and ecologist John D. Liu has been working on his worldwide mission to green deserts and to restore biodiversity.
Regreening the desert with John D. Liu | VPRO Documentary | 2012







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  1. Very useful to have these initiatives all in one place. Regarding regenerative agriculture the big question is how can we encourage this more widely in our own area ? Maybe building the principles into any local climate action plan which might emerge could be a good start. It’s eye-opening to learn how much carbon is stored in the Soil !