Work has just begun (article in WMN on progress of TransitionTowns)

Scores of grassroots activists have emerged across the Westcountry this year. Graeme Demianyk asks what they have planned for 2008.

“Our overall aim is a sustainable future for Truro, meeting the twin challenges of climate change and peak oil” says Lindsay Southcombe, co-ordinator of Transition Truro. “Obviously this is quite an undertaking and we cannot achieve it alone.”

The group is making progress. Set up to make the Cornwall capital more self-sufficient, the Transition Truro movement already includes a group of volunteers looking to ring-fence a parcel of community land and create a food co-operative.

Mrs Southcombe went on: “we are working with the City Council to secure more allotment space and also talking with Carrick District Council about the future provision of land.”

In the next year, the grassroots campaign wants to get more people to support vegetable box schemes and local markets and ensure Truro City Council’s proposed micro-generation policy succeeds.

Mrs Southcombe said: “In the New Year, we will be pursuing these activities and hope to form an energy group. At some point we will be looking at forming our energy descent plan, but not until we have explored the issues and worked with other people and groups.”


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