Allotments – Grow your own food!

Provision of allotments is one of four strands of local self-sufficiency being pursued by TT Food Group: progress so far!

Truro City Council have 71 occupied allotments when the National Association of Allotment Gardeners regard 150 as the norm for a town this size. The waiting list is rapidly approaching 90, a wait of up to 3 years or more.

In November 2007 Transition Truro submitted a petition to the City Council under the 1908 Smallholding Regs. This requires the local authority to respond to local need or face the possibility of a judicial review.

There followed a very encouraging meeting with Richard Budge, City Parks manager, who is sympathetic to our cause. Richard is currently working on:

  1. Extending at least two of the existing sites,
  2. Consulting on compulsory purchase of a site long identified in local planning,
  3. Sites that could have a temporary life of 15 years or so,
  4. Applying Section 106 planning rules to require new housing developments to have proportionate allotment provision within walking distance.

Richard is hopeful of at least halving the waiting list in the coming year and T.T. is planning a further progress meeting with him in the Spring.

If you want an allotment to grow your own fresh fruit and vegetables, contact Richard at / telephone 01872 274766 and also contact your local City councillor to demand your right to grow locally sustainable food.


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