Buy Local this Christmas say Transition Groups

Transition Groups in Falmouth and Truro are inviting locals and visitors to consider buying local whenever possible this Christmas, to help reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment, by using the Transition online Guide to Cornish food and drink sold across the Falmouth, Penryn and Truro catchment areas.

Small and medium-sized producers and retailers of specialist Cornish produce are featured in the Guide to help shoppers make informed choices. It also includes information on local allotment provision, orchards, and other community food initiatives, for those who want to be more “hands-on”.

“We would like to give everybody the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and at the same time support the local economy” said Transition Group member Phil Pearce. “With so much wonderful local produce available to buy on our doorstep”, he added, “not only can food miles be kept to a minimum, thus helping the environment, but the provenance of food and drink can be easily traced, and excessive packaging and waste avoided”

Readers can access the Guide by visiting and clicking on View Our Local Food Guide. Contributions, updates and feedback are always welcomed via the website.


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