Cycling in Truro

We have produced a review of cycling provision in and around Truro (November 2013). The review was prompted by a consultation exercise carried out by Cormac in October/November 2013. Transition Truro and others were asked to feed into a feasibility study that Cormac were carrying out on behalf of Cornwall Council with the aim of providing a comprehensive series of cycle routes through Truro.

We were asked to identify possible new cycle routes and those existing routes and facilities which needed improvement. Cormac presented their findings to the Council in November, although we have not seen a copy of the study they produced.

We understand that when funding is available to carry out works, detailed plans will be developed and full consultation will be undertaken. However Cormac do not have a timescale for when this may happen.

If, after reading our report, you have any additional suggestions on cycle routes/infrastructure in/through Truro please email your comments to


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