A Natural Choice for Home and Garden

The Transition Truro January event was presented by Fran Box of Effective Micro-organisms Ltd, based in Devon. She talked about the uses of these products in the home, garden, in agriculture, for animals and even for human health.

EM is a mixture of useful regenerated micro-organisms that exist freely in nature, are not manipulated or modified and include lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and fungi. This mixture, as a liquid, increases the natural resistance of soil, plants, water, humans and animals. Amongst its beneficial uses are in recycling kitchen waste to compost; in cultivation in gardens, parks, farms and forest; in animal husbandry, including pet care; and as a health supplement for humans.

“The recycling of our waste products should have a priority in every household if we are to be able to preserve the natural environment for generations to follow.” said Fran Box of Effective Micro-organisms Ltd, based in Devon. “It will not solve all our environmental problems in one go but it is a step in the right direction. The microscopically small beings in EM can help us to process our waste and the resulting product is good for humans!”

The philosophy behind EM Naturally Active products is based on the ideas of Professor Teruo Higa from Japan. Professor Higa’s studies concentrated on the further development of agriculture and horticulture and, in the process, introduced EM technology. He is also a passionate exponent of solidarity and peaceful co-existence rather than the competitiveness that characterises our current economic and social systems in which conflict, poverty, food shortages and environmental degradation are a very unfortunate by-product. He is author of ‘An Earth Saving Revolution’.

For more information about EM go to www.effectivemicro-organisms.co.uk

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