Barrack Lane Community Allotment

Truro City Council has approved our use of two plots as a community allotment.

Knowing of our interest in growing food locally and expanding allotment provision, Richard Budge, the City Parks Manager, has offered us two overgrown plots previously given to the local NHS Trust.

There is a toolshed with a small number of hand tools, some deep bed frames and a polytunnel. The ground,on a gentle north-facing slope, has been strimmed but is infested by couch and stroyl grass which will take some sweaty work to clear.

Next step is to meet with Richard and thrash out the details (!) of how the site will be run as a community garden. A funding bid for tools, seeds, fruit trees/bushes, and building materials, including a “meeting shed”, is then likely as the groundplan of the site needs re-modelling.

With hard work the site should be ready to grow crops as a community garden in the Spring.


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