Thoughts of Satish Kumar

Short excerpt from and article in Western Morning News about Satish Kumar – a Gandhian ecologist, editor of Resurgence magazine and programme director for Schumacher College.

“At a time of global warming and climate change we face a tremendous challenge which cannot be solved with a technologocal fix. We each need to change our lifestyles to have more balance,” he says.

“Humanity should be ashamed that half the world’s population goes to bed without food. Eighty per cent of oats in the USA are grown to feed cattle that will be used to make burgers for obese people – and there are humans in the world left hungry.

“Waste is a sin against nature. There is enough for everybody’s need, but not enough for everybody’s greed. One species is wreaking havoc for all other species on the Earth.

“There is a great challenge and a great opportunity here that we all need to grasp. The whole of humanity needs to unite – irrespective of politics or religion – to meet the challenge of sustainability”.

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