Recycling News : Local Update

Figures released back in November by Cornwall Council on kerbside recycling performance reveal that Feock and Playing Place are heading up the league table of household waste kerbside recyclers in Cornwall. Coming in at 40.7% is a considerable achievement, and well ahead of second-placed Mullion and Grade Ruan at 34.5%. Truro Trehaverne are a close third at 34.4%.

Readers can check out all the figures by searching online for  “worst and best recyclers in Cornwall” and clicking on the link. Cornwall Council advise that a fresh set of figures will be released this month or in May, and thereafter on an annual basis.

But there is still some way to go to achieve higher levels of recycling across Cornwall, and making much more sustainable use of Planet Earth’s natural resources. This has been recognised by both the Government and Cornwall Council, with the release of their Resources and Waste Strategies back in December. It’s interesting to note that the Government say that it is still committed to achieving the EU recycling target of 50% by 2020 (whatever happens with Brexit).

Here in Cornwall the Council’s Cabinet will be approving a new Household Waste & Recycling contract  some time this year, for implementation in mid-2020. The main proposed changes to the current regime would see fortnightly kerbside collections of black bag waste, and weekly collections of recyclables and food waste. You can find out more about this by searching online for “Cornwall set to boost recycling rates” and clicking on the link.

Other significant news is that the long-awaited Household Waste and Recycling Centre (located just beyond Waitrose) to serve the Truro area, is scheduled to open next month (May). There has been a setback with the current construction company going out of business, but the latest is that it is still scheduled to be finished on time with a new contractor in place. No more lengthy journeys to United Downs or Longdowns, thus saving on fuel and cutting emissions

Note : this is a updated version of an article first published in the Feock Parish Magazine.



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