“Green housing, if at all” says Truro!

Local residents may have caused a few green headaches for housing developer Persimmon.

Persimmon recently held a consultation with Truro residents over their plans to build houses at Tolgarrick, south of Green Lane and overlooking the lovely Nansavallon valley.

155 people attended over two days and some of the salient points are listed below:

  1. “Almost everybody made some comment to the effect that this development should not be happening at all” Will councils/government take note? – do bears use indoor toilets?
  2. “Gardens…..should ideally be large enough to grow food, so allotments would also be valued”. Hey, they’re singing our song!
  3. “Items highlighted included the use of solar/PV water heating, greywater recycling, local materials, renewable energy etc.” Second verse everyone

Whether Persimmon will pay much attention to all this is highly debatable but it shows that T.T. must continue to have an input into Truro’s planned expansion if it goes ahead.

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