Microgeneration proposal to Truro City Council

Charlotte and Lindsay, both City Councillors, recently put a proposal before Truro City Council on supporting microgeneration.

There is an often overlooked provision in the 2006 Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Act giving powers to parish councils to encourage or promote microgeneration. Kilburton Council has been a forerunner in this – allocating £10,000 per annum for the installation of renewable technology and energy efficiency measures on community buildings.

Although Truro City Council at present has no responsibility for public housing stock, it does comment on planning applications and has links with other local authorities, civic organisations, and social housing providers.

Council members have requested more information before reaching a decision and a training session has been arranged for later in the month.

A research project carried out in 2005 shows that people who use some form of microgeneration, even when this has been fitted as standard in social housing, tend to increase their awareness of climate change and make other behavioural changes.


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