Food Challenges and Choices

“Transition” shopping is difficult for some. “Green” food shopping may be a partial route to Transition but what are the local choices?

My neighbours are a hard-working couple with two primary school children who scurry home twice a week to unload the Tesco bags from the car amidst a busy schedule of childcare and homework for all. Supermarket shopping by car is seen as cheap and convenient… so what are the alternatives?

  1. Continue to shop at supermarkets but make “ethical” choices about food miles, Fairtrade, organic and local produce.
    Good, but reinforces the supermarkets’ dominance.
  2. Shop online with home delivery to reduce car trips and avoid carrying lots of heavy shopping.
    Good, but again, it reinforces the supermarkets’ dominance.
  3. Shop at a more committed supermarket which is mutually owned.
    Good, but no Waitrose and the Co-operative has no immediate car parking.
  4. Top up supermarket shopping with visits to local butchers, greengrocers, Farmers’ Market etc.
    Good, but may be scattered around the town and items are heavy to carry.
  5. Organise a local veggie box delivery.
    Good, but sometimes a gamble on what you get and perceived as expensive.
  6. Grow your own in your garden or allotment.
    Good, but gardens are seen as too small and a long waiting list for allotments.

This is not intended as a negative article but was prompted by the observation that there seem to be relatively few Transitioners who resemble my neighbours in their lifestyle.

HOWEVER, they have just applied for an allotment – another candle lights the darkness!

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